The Sims 4 Devs Announce New Outfits, Huge Discounts for 17th Anniversary Celebration

The Sims

Electronic Arts and Maxis is celebrating 17 years of simming with the Sims 4 this week.

The developers thanked the community for their continuous support and announced a couple of goodies to commemorate the big day.

The Sims franchise turns 17, announced Maxis proudly in its blog post and went on to confirm some of the things they are bringing in to make it memorable. The best Simmers from around the globe will be brought under the spotlight on It will showcase some of their best creations throughout the decades and also serve more like a historical visit into the world of the Sims through years. The game has radically changed from being a simple life simulator to more of a culture phenomenon where people literally live an alternative life.

The Sims 4

It’s just one among many as there will be a free update that will be rolled out for the Sims 4 this Thursday. The update will make some significant changes to the main menu to make it resemble the 17th anniversary celebrations. Along with that, the developers will add t-shirts all the characters on board with the special logo printed on it. It will be available in all sizes so that you can dress up your Sims and show your support for Maxis, take part in the event.

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People who are curious but haven’t bought the Sims 4 yet can make use of the Origin sale Electronic Arts hosts. There will be special Twitch streams from the big community along with amazing videos and daily code giveaways on the official Twitter channel. By taking part in these giveaways, you can stand a chance to win the game or possibly a game pack, costume or something fancy that would add fun to your already engrossing game time.

The Sims 4 Vampires Game Pack

The entire event is being promoted with #TheSimsAnniversary which you should possibly use on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when taking part in the code giveaways. The game recently got the Vampire game pack and Toddlers update. Being able to bring up your children is such a fun asset and Maxis decided to add it as a free update following up with the Sims 3 tradition. The Vampire game pack however is quite supernatural and gives sims some amazing powers to make use of. It includes brand new storyline, resources and characters to keep you engaged in the Sims 4. Get ready to have a great time with your avatars once again.

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