Sony Patent Indicates Towards PlayStation Developing Blockchain Technology and NFTs

sony playstation

Earlier this month, Sony published a patent that offers some idea about what the company could be working on at the moment.

There is a good possibility of the Japanese tech giant working towards developing NFTs and putting together its own blockchain. It must be mentioned that these projects, if being worked upon, would be distinctively different from the PlayStation Stars program which is currently being worked upon.

Though the patent was published earlier this month, it was filed almost a year ago. A year back, things were very different in the NFT space. As compared to the situation now, one expected much bigger things from it. In the current scenario, there is some amount of negativity around NFTs because of a variety of reasons including their impact on the environment.

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Sony seems to be interested in certain aspects of NFTs that have not been explored properly. It has shown a keen interest in the eSports space and wants to leverage the fan culture surrounding it. The NFT patent by Sony reflects that the company wants to channel its energies toward developing certain items that players would want to collect. These NFTs have been compared with baseballs that have been autographed or used by popular baseball stars. The company seems to be on the path to developing certain in-game items that one can transfer across a variety of platforms and blockchains.

The NFTs, developed by Sony, would be digital items that have been used by popular eSports stars. The skin of the Ninja in Fortnite, for instance, happens to be a digital signature that he himself has written. Dr. Disrespect’s gun, offered in the form of an NFT, is the one that he himself has used. While creating NFTs, Sony seems to be putting a thought into why a player would want to own it.

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