Sony Project Q Handheld is Official But Nothing Like a PS Vita

Sony Project Q

Sony is going a different route in an unexpected twist. The Sony Project Q handheld is a gaming device that you can portably use but there is always a catch.

This time, it looks like a safe bet that they are trying to achieve by pairing it with the PlayStation 5 console.

In the earlier days, PS Vita had this functionality as well. Players had the option to be able to pair their Vita with Playstation 4 consoles so that they could enjoy the game inside their house. However, being a standalone device it was designed to have its own graphics hardware allowing you to enjoy all titles on the go as well. This time, things aren’t so appealing as you can play with the new Project Q only by pairing it with a PlayStation 5 console.

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They have clearly specified that games must be installed on the PS5 console in order to work. The technical information of the console is not being shared at the moment. In theory, you should be able to stream your PlayStation 5 games on the go if you have a really strong 5G internet connection. The entire world is moving towards a streaming future where you can easily play high-quality games without compromising but the internet seems not to be ready yet.

A Large Console

Posing a large 8-inch display, the Sony Project Q handheld towers over all the popular handheld devices of today. The Nintendo Switch OLED has a 7-inch display whereas even the bigger Steam Deck looks a bit smaller compared to what Sony has to offer. The console looks like the DualSense controller was split into two and attached to a large HD display.

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There will be no support for PSVR games obviously but it is the console that matters the most. While Xbox is already in the game streaming business, they don’t have a dedicated platform to market their titles. The Sony Project Q handheld however towers over most competitors at this point in terms of design and appeal. We should wait for more technical specifications to be revealed.

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