Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Update 5 Patch Notes For The Action-Adventure Game Revealed

star wars jedi survivor

The new patch notes for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor make it clear that some major improvements have been made to the action-adventure game.

A new update received by Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has improved the playability of the game and brought in a few other changes that are expected to attract a larger number of gamers to the game. This update will not only improve the experience of players trying out the game on PC, it will also make the game more accessible to those who have Xbox Series XIS and PlayStation 5 at their disposal. The game was launched on April 28 and this happens to be the fifth patch put out by Respawn Entertainment for the game.

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Designed as a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor traces the journey of Cal Kestisas a Jedi Knight. While players encountered some bugs post the launch of this action-adventure game, it received glowing reviews from the critics and was liked by most players as well. The graphics in the game, especially, received a lot of praise.

Respawn Entertainment has shared the patch notes for this recent update. While the update has fixed several glitches and improved the overall stability of the game, certain issues continue to prevail. Players have been looking for a solution to bypass the method that leads them towards selecting the final boss in the game. One can expect the next update to look into this issue.

The update shows that the gaming publisher takes the feedback shared by players very seriously and acts upon them. For a while, PC users had been suffering from a plethora of issues while playing the game. Many of the players even came across game-breaking bugs in the game. Because of the bugs, their playthrough got discontinued and their overall experience of playing the game got severely affected as well. Since Respawn Entertainment is releasing updates at regular intervals, players shouldn’t be seeing a lot of these bugs in the near future.

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StigAsmussen, the director of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, has officially confirmed that there are plans to put together a trilogy. Fans, therefore, should look forward to another that would be headed by the character of Cal Kestis. If a new game comes along in the Star Wars Jedi franchise, there would be a possibility of players getting to witness the comeback of some of the popular characters from the franchise.

According to the patch notes, several performance fixes have been carried out for the game. Stability improvements are another highlight of this update. When ray tracing is turned off, players can expect to witness better thread handling. Certain music-based fixes have been rolled out as well.

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