Fortnite Leak Offers a Glimpse of Its Collaboration with Spider-Man Movie

New Fortnite leaks

Fortnite players, who also happen to be Spider-Man fans, have something exciting to look forward to with the new Fortnite leak that has surfaced!

Fortnite players have witnessed the game collaborating with several big properties in the past. Now a new leak suggests that the game will be collaborating with the soon-to-be-released Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse animated feature film. There are also plans to bring in Mile Morales as a new skin. This crossover is expected to bring several other interesting elements to the fore. A previously launched skin, that was very popular with the players, is expected to be back soon.

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As a skin, Spider-Gwen was made available to players during Chapter 3: Season 4 in September 2022. Now, players can look forward to Spider-Gwen getting back in the game as an NPC with whom players can engage with while dodging their way through the bullets fired by their opponents.

This particular piece of information was first shared by FortTory via Twitter. The gaming news handle also stated that Renzo the Destroyer and Spider-Gwen would be back in the game soon. While Gwen is already a part of the game, it would be interesting to witness how Fortnite makes her a part of the festivities. Since she was seen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, one expects her to feature prominently in the sequel as well.

While there is no official confirmation about the scheduling of the Miles Morales event, there are good chances of it being launched very soon. As per earlier leaks, the event could arrive anytime after May 18. Players, therefore, wouldn’t have to wait too long for the commencement of this event.

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Since Gwen is already present on the island in the form of an NPC, one expects everybody else to join in soon. The game will also feature skins for characters like the Green Goblin, Peter Parker, Venom, MJ and Carnage.

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