Sony PS5 Exclusive Comparison – Spiderman Remastered on PS5 and PS4 Pro

spiderman Playstation

With great power comes great graphical fidelity which is what the Spiderman franchise has been reiterating on the Sony PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Pro console.

The next generation consoles are here and despite the low numbers available on the platforms, they are still worth the price because of the immense graphical power that they deliver.

spiderman Playstation

In a direct comparison, Spiderman, an exclusive and must-have title on the PlayStation console has received some big enhancements. While there are some complaints that claim that the new changes have completely modified how Peter Parker looked in the game, it does deliver some impressive results. As the saying goes, the developers have literally opted for a facelift that changes the entire character and the world looks more realistic, smooth on the next generation console. The comparison has been done in-depth, credits to GameSpot for making it happen.

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Marvel’s Spiderman Remastered edition is an easy buy for you if you have already purchased the PS5 console. The stocks are quite limited on this brand new product but it is expected that it would be available around the globe before the end of the year. Until then, you could probably take a look at the video and enjoy what it has to offer. The stark mistake that we could instantly find is that an important feature, ray tracing is not available in this enhanced version.

Great Looking Albeit Shortcomings

The absence of Ray Tracing technology in Spiderman would definitely disappoint fans. If you are new these technological terms, it is easy to say that it is all about reflections that make the world more realistic. The lighting enhancements has been done in such a way that they make the world of Spiderman more immersive than ever and there are some strikingly good looking visual effects to look forward to.

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Gamers who own the remastered version of the game as well as the PlayStation 5 console will be able to make an informed decision. If you are really keen on graphics, you can choose to play in the Fidelity Mode. It will lock the title at just 30 FPS but will enhance the graphics to a new level while the Performance Mode can push it all the way up to 60 FPS. Being a fast paced action title, this would definitely be the choice for any who loves to fight and take down enemies with super smooth motion.

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