The Sims 4 Xbox Series X and PS5 Enhancement Details Inside!

sims 4 console

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are going to get launched this week.

With next generation console launches, everyone wants to be able to play their current games in 4K resolution. The Sims 4 is obviously among the top tier titles that need to receive huge enhancements and it has now been confirmed by Electronic Arts.

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EA is the publishing company for the title which is developed by Maxis. Both these firms were committed enough to push in enhancements much sooner than we expected. After all, when gamers spend $500 or less on a next generation console, it wouldn’t make sense if game titles wouldn’t use the powerful hardware to their maximum potential. Xbox will support all these games as part of their backwards compatibility program whereas PS5 rules might slightly vary. However, both consoles have over 10 teraflops of graphical power which should make some visible changes in the performance of the Sims 4 title.

sims 4 snowy escape

Obvious but Impressive Changes: Resolution Upgrade and FPS

Unless you are playing a fast paced title like Doom Eternal, it would be difficult to spot the frame rates in a game. The Sims 4 is not going to be a huge one in that matter but will definitely receive a big bump in terms of resolution. Most games are expected to run on 4K resolution. It will visibly enhance the quality of the graphics and how well they look on your large 4K enabled HDR television at home. If you are planning to buy one later on, it will definitely be a more immersive experience on par with many monitors being sold for PCs.

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Electronic Arts further confirmed that the game was released in 2014 but will receive some exciting visual enhancements to make it on par with 2020 titles. The Sims 4 will be the base game which will be fully upgraded while all of its massively popular expansion packs will receive the same.

The popular expansion packs that have been confirmed in EA’s statement include Eco Lifestyle, Tiny Living and Nifty Knitting. The newly launched story expansion pack Star Wars Journey to Batuu will also be made available with all the enhancements including graphical upgrades and the bumped up resolution. Snowy Escape for the Sims 4 is scheduled for launch on November 13th for the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Mac. It might also be available on next generation consoles using the backwards compatibility feature.

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