PS5 Original Design was Even Bigger than Launch Version

Xbox PS5

Gaming PCs have always been expensive and big making them a cumbersome experience for the home user.

They were quite used to it until the PS5 wowed the audience and surprised some with its exceptionally large size. When directly put aside the Xbox Series X console, it looks massive but the power it houses more or less delivers what gamers would expect of it.

With the launch date this week, the senior art director at PlayStation, YujinMorisawa revealed that their original design was much larger than what was delivered to the customers. He was busy designing the console and the overall internals until his team interrupted him. They had to let him know that the product is too big to be considered a gaming console and people wouldn’t approve of its design because of the size.

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The research and development process continued for weeks until the art director decided to somehow reduce the size of the PlayStation 5 console by a considerable size. It could have been even bigger unless for the engineering team that had to literally force everyone to work on its product size. These are some of the important things that happened behind the scenes before this console hit the market.

Xbox PS5

The Reason Behind the Large Size

The PlayStation 5 console is supposed to deliver 10 teraflops of graphical power. Delivering such level of gaming power combined with the overall performance requires large amount of heat to be dissipated. The original console was much larger because it was equipped with one of the largest heatsink that we could have seen in recent times. While some hardcore PC gamers may opt for these heat sinks to deliver immense performance without the chipset heating up, it is not common even in the hardcore PC Master Race community.

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The art director also drew the console’s dimensions which showcased how big it could have gone if not for their timely intervention. They wanted to provide maximum space for the heartsink and to ensure proper airflow. It will also ensure the console remained silent or with minimal noise when games are running at full 4K resolution with highest graphics fidelity on the PS5.

Despite all the changes made, reviewers still feel that the console is much larger in size but it seems to be sturdy and some of the components can easily be replaced. Players can also design the plastic cases on both sides which allows them to customize the console to their liking.

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