PS5 DualSense Controller – This is the Game You Shouldn’t Miss

astros playroom

The launch date for Sony PlayStation 5 is close, really close and including us, millions of gamers are super excited for the launch.

Everyone had this question on why the PS5 DualSense controller continues to have a touchpad as most games never used it. Here is one game that you should never miss because it was designed to make the most out of your controller and the touchpad that is part of the new accessory.

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Whenever you pick an indie or a kid-friendly title, most gamers have this notion that they wouldn’t really play it more than ten minutes. While it is a valid claim for a lot of titles, Astro’s Playroom is not one among them because it has the capability to captivate you in its world and ensure you get the most playtime out of a simple title. The developers definitely wanted to make the most out of the DualSense controller and they have included every little detail to make the game highly engaging. It is a great pick for people of all age groups and definitely one to try if you want to test your new PS5 console purchase.

More than a Tech Demo

Trying out Astro’s Playroom for the first time, like most gamers we assumed it is just another tech demo. But, it is a lot more than what meets the eye which is why you should definitely give the game a shot. Besides, it is family-friendly and anyone in a group can play which makes it easier to be showcased to an entire crowd of people. The DualSense controller further makes it highly competitive and the touchpad has been put to use in some of the scenarios.


For older gamers who owned a PS Vita, there were a couple of game titles like Sack Boy that allowed you to use the touch controller on the bottom. It is no longer an option as Sony has discontinued the handheld console but it continues to be a viable idea. It has been further explored in Astro’s Playroom and the PS5 console. Having the fastest SSD onboard also helps as the game loading times are super fast like never before and you have to own the console to really feel the difference.

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 console is getting launched in the first half of November and with just two weeks to go, it is super exciting especially with a new controller that you could try out soon.

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