Sony’s New Patent Looks like a PS Vita Hybrid, Could be a Nintendo Switch Competitor

Sony New Patent

The PS Vita console came a long time ago and Sony is working on something new.

A hybrid console that looks like the Vita and might just compete with Nintendo Switch!

The PS4 and the PS4 Pro are here to stay! Sony is not going to go out of console gaming anytime soon. Besides, it is impossible to deliver the Playstation 4 experience unless it is a Playstation 5 console. The patent images leaked online reveals a device that looks a lot like the PS Vita. However, it has removable controls just like the Switch console designed by Nintendo.

PS Vita

Nintendo Switch was supposed to be the big hybrid console for sometime to come. Microsoft hardly has plans for a handheld device and we didn’t knew Sony had plans until now. If they are going to enter this market, it would definitely be a tough time for Nintendo. The company enjoyed some great years with the 3DS, 2DS consoles while PS Vita had very little game launches to take note of. However, Sony has a huge history with immense success rendered by their PSP console. The new hybrid device might just recreate it one more time if the developers give it the attention it needs.

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The leaked patent images confirmed that Sony is apparently working on a PS Vita successor which will be hybrid. It should be much easier to connect it to the television, it may sport detachable controls allowing more players to participate and also have much better hardware than what the Nintendo Switch offers. For a very long time, it was the Mario Kart, Super Mario, Zelda and other first party titles that kept the Wii, Wii U consoles ahead.

Sony New Patent PS Vita

Sony on the other hand will have no shortage of games as they can easily port all the great titles on the PS4 console to this rumored handheld hybrid device. The big difference in the patent image is that it looks much larger like a tablet, similar to Razer’s Project Fiona and has DualShock Controllers on both sides.

Sony New Patent

The patent adds that the hybrid PS Vita inspired console will have a USB Type C port, HDMI mini output, LTE, Wifi, SD card and SIM card slots. It will also have the DualShock controller on either side of the large touchscreen LED device with vibration capabilities. There is no word on whether such a console is in development. It could very well be postponed or Sony may choose not to make it because of the PS Vita failure.

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