Star Wars: The Old Republic Includes Weapon Customization Option To The Outfitter


The new Star Wars: The Old update has brought in a lot of cheer for the fans.

For a very long time, gamers have been requesting the team to add a weapon customization feature to the game. Apart from this customization feature, the new update has also brought in fixes for several bugs in the game. Now, a bunch of rewards have also been added for carrying out certain tasks.

In December 2011, BioWare released Star Wars MMORPG. Like many other MMOs, it saw many updates coming its way regularly. The kind of additions that were made to the game from time to time helped the players expand their creative energies.

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The game was set 4,000 years before the time period the films were set in and around 300 years after the era which was depicted in Knights of the Old Republic. The story has taken several twists and turns over the years and the developers managed to keep the excitement alive among fans by introducing new characters at regular intervals.

A major addition to the game has been the outfitting system. It was first introduced in the Rise of the Emperor update that was rolled out in the year 2015. This system enabled the players to design their favorite equipment as per their preference. After seven years, this update has given them the freedom to go creative with their weapons as well. Now, players are not required to go through the elaborate process of removing different components of their lightsaber and putting them all together in a structure that looks far more appealing to the eyes.

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The recently introduced Legacy of the Sith expansion eliminated the weapon mods for end-game weapons. Because of this, players were compelled to make do with the appearance of their weapons. This was quite disappointing for players who acquired weapon skins by paying real money in the popular cartel game that one comes across in the game. They were extremely upset about not getting the opportunity to use the appearances they had purchased with real money. This update has definitely made them happy.

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