‘Swan Glitch’ In The Sims 4 Contributes Towards Beautifying The Game

sims 4 swan

My Wedding Stories, the much talked about expansion pack in The Sims 4 was launched in February this year.

One of the things that players took notice of was the fact that it brought to the fore a new location in the form of Tartosa. This expansion pack also made some noise courtesy the large number of wedding-themed furniture, clothes, and accessories it offered the players. ‘

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Simply put, My Wedding Stories offered you everything required to put together a lavish in-game wedding. Apart from selecting the outfits and touring multiple venues, players now had the option of putting together an elaborate schedule for their Sims’ wedding day. My Wedding Stories has also been appreciated for lending its support to same-sex relationships. What helps this expansion pack stands out is that it offers traditional décor and wedding clothes sourced based on traditional cultures.

As far as Tartosa is concerned, it is a tropical location that bears a strong resemblance to the Mediterranean islands. While the endless beaches and historical architecture on the island impressed the players, what also caught their attention was the presence of multiple swans swimming in the water. The swans, undoubtedly, added a lot of visual appeal to this particular location.

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However, there was a minor issue here. Tartosa has a bug that results in the swans shifting between colors. A Twitter user, who goes by the handle frostybreakfast, pointed out this glitch. The user stated that while swimming in the water, one could see the colors of the swans changing. While it is a glitch, players don’t seem to have a problem with it. Tartosa has been designed as a romantic site and the presence of color-changing swans has definitely added good value to it.

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