Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Beta Face Allegations of Being Biased Towards Campers

Warzone 2

Fans of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 have been quite happy with the quality of visuals and core gunplay of the game.

However, a certain section of the fans are not in agreement with many of the decisions taken by the team about the creative and technical aspects of the game. A large number of fans have expressed their displeasure at some of the mechanics that are designed to please campers.

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In Call of Duty, camping has always been a topic that ensured debates or heated discussions. Players don’t like the idea of being knocked off by somebody who has been occupying a particular spot quietly through the entire match. While certain steps were taken in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 to eliminate camping, Modern Warfare 2 hasn’t done much to control this.

Drill Charge, an anti-camping tool, has made its presence felt in the game. However, players feel that developers are not making enough efforts to discourage camping-related activities in the game. They also believe that if some serious action is taken in this direction, it will result in the game becoming more dynamic.

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When one goes through subreddit and other digital platforms where Modern Warfare 2 is discussed, one realizes a large number of fans have shared their thoughts on this issue. A particular video shared by XShadowZ is a clever spoof on the intel drops series of Modern Warfare 2. This video offers one a glimpse of four major issues that rushers face.

Infinity Ward just released and new Intel drop addressing the community complains! from ModernWarfareII

The absence of a Dead Silence perk has contributed greatly to aggravating this issue. Though Dead Silence has been designed as a Field Upgrade, players have faced many issues with its mechanism. Many have also spoken about the problems associated with the mini-map. Since enemy dots are no longer appearing on the mini-map, players are facing a lot of difficulties while playing the game.

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