Take-Two Interactive Is Putting Together a Big Release Slate


Take-Two Interactive, the parent company to several popular video game publishing companies like Rockstar Games, Private Division and 2K, seems to have some big plans as far as its release slate is concerned.

A while back, they informed their shareholders about their plans of coming up with a major release slate in the near future. In the last fiscal year, they shared their ambition of releasing as many as 93 games in a span of five years. The company has also outlined a plan that comprises a slate of core releases that will come out in the next three years.

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During a recent earnings call, the company gave fans a glimpse of what they should expect in the next couple of years. A total of 60 new releases are expected to be rolled out between April 2022 and March 2024. This slate will include 23 titles some of which will be similar to the Red Dead Redemption, GTA and 2K sports games. 6 of these games will be launched under Private Division. There will also be 20 gaming releases aimed at mobile phone users. Many remastered versions of previously launched games are also expected to come out.

As compared to the release slates planned by the company in the past, this is a massive upgrade. In the last couple of years, Take-Two Interactive has been quite consistent in launching a couple of big games every year. The 2K releases have been happening on an annual basis and then, one has seen a new version of a Red Dead or a GTA being released at regular intervals. Now, to meet its new target, Take-Two will have to roll out at least 7-8 ‘big’ games every year.

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The launch of the NBA 2K22 in the month of September was, perhaps, one of the first releases from this slate. WWE 2K22 and Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which are slated to release in March 2022, are also a part of this slate. In 2023, one can look forward to the launch of Midnight Suns and Kerbal Space Program 2. Fans predict that the company will roll out WWE 2K and NBA 2K games quite regularly in the future. The company has also been working on an NFL game but there has been some delay in getting it ready and fans can expect it to be launched only post-March 2022.

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