The Elder Scrolls 6 Could Possibly Release on PlayStation 5

Elder Scrolls 6

While there was a strong possibility of The Elder Scrolls 6 getting an Xbox exclusive release, there is now a chance of it releasing on PS5 and other platforms as well!

A game getting an exclusive release on a particular console has its pros and cons. While the gaming company believes the exclusivity of the game gives it a certain prestige, fans who do not own the console the game has been released on do not get the chance to try it out. Those who are desperate to play the game at any cost rush to buy the console it has been made available on. However, upgrading their console or switching to a new console is not something everybody can afford to do.

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While there is some time for The Elder Scrolls 6 to release, there have been talks about it getting an Xbox-exclusive release. One of the reasons why fans believe this will happen is that ZeniMax, a company owned by Bethesda, has been acquired by Microsoft.

Todd Howard, who heads Bethesda, recently stated that The ES 6 could be the last game by the company that he lends his expertise to. With no major information coming their way, fans had mentally prepared themselves to see The Elder Scrolls 6 being released as an Xbox Exclusive. However, now it seems that Xbox might not be the only platform on which the game would get released. The game, in fact, could release on all major platforms.

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission in the US filed a temporary restraining order and injunction against Microsoft to stop the Activision acquisition deal which has been valued at $68.7 billion. This particular trial has resulted in a bunch of important information related to Bethesda, Xbox and PlayStation getting leaked.

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Phil Spencer, who heads Xbox at the moment, was asked about the release plans for The Elder Scrolls 6 during the trial. While talking about the game, Spencer stated that since there is a long time ahead for its release, they have not made any concrete decision on the platforms it will be released on. While this doesn’t rule out the possibility of The Elder Scrolls 6 releasing exclusively on Xbox, it does offer some hope to those who want to see the game getting launched across multiple platforms.

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