The Elder Scrolls Online Receives an Upgraded Roadmap

Elder Scrolls Online

Players who were wishing for an updated roadmap to be included in The Elder Scrolls Online can finally feel about it arriving in the game.

The Elder Scrolls Online has received a brand new roadmap update. Fans had been waiting for this update for a while and there are several reasons why it holds a lot of importance for them.

The update, in a way, also sheds light on what fans could expect from the game in the following months. Since ZeniMax is dealing with a bunch of mega server issues and that’s the reason gamers experienced a bit of PlayStation downtime recently.

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Necrom, the upcoming chapter in the game, and the Shadow Over Morrowind theme have already been announced. Update 37, which had been designed for the base game, has been scheduled to be released on March 13 on Mac and console. On March 28, the update will be rolled out for the console. This is the same date on which players will receive the Scribes of Fate DLC.

The update will mark the arrival of several important changes in the game and also introduce players to several new items. Apart from new house furnishings, there will be a bunch of quality-of-life improvements as well. Players can procure all these things from the Crown Store. Players can also look forward to the arrival of an accessibility feature–screen narration with this update. There will also be the chapter prologue quest that shall serve as the pathway for Necrom.

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As far as the Scribes of Fate DLC is concerned, players will get to explore Bal Sunnar and Scrivener’s Hall through it. This particular DLC will also bring in new titles, achievements, rewards and item sets. While Necrom will get an official release on Mac and PC on June 5, the console release will take place on June 20.

Though the publisher hasn’t revealed the official release date for Update 38 yet, there is a strong chance of it releasing around the same time. The Elder Scrolls Online seems to be in the mood to introduce players to a plethora of fresh content in the near future with its update and DLCs.

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