The Sims 4 – Is Snowy Escape Worth Your $40?

Some things are weird in the gaming industry because gamers are complaining that PS5 titles are now $70 while the Miles Morales is a standalone game at $40.

However, for the Sims 4 players, nothing is too expensive because it offers endless hours of fun and they keep buying them. But, is the Snowy Escape worth your $39.99 as an expansion pack? In short, it definitely is!

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Being the tenth expansion pack in the series, the developers at Maxis have invested a lot of their efforts into the game and they have pretty much managed to deliver what is expected of it. While Star Wars is not a favorite for many, this is more of a retreat and a vacation anyone would love to take during this pandemic period.

Surpasses Fan Expectations

Being able to completely customize how your character looks in the Sims 4 Snowy Escape pack is fun and addictive. Players can choose from a wide variety of items, costumes based on the Japanese culture and many apparels to go with it. The winter theme ideally matches with the climatic situation worldwide right now, as people are gearing up for a grand celebration of Xmas and New Year in a couple of weeks.

snowy escape expansion pack


The customization further expands into the build and buy mode where you can choose a dual-layered wood design. The design can be applied to lots of different areas including fences, windows and doors. It provides more options to make your home look the way you want it to be. Besides, anyone who is entirely new to the Japanese culture will have plenty to learn so that they can build the perfect home in Mount Komorebi.

Excellent Graphics, Addictive Locales and Activities

Snowy Escape stands out from the rest of the releases because it brings activities into the Sims 4 in a whole new way. You can do almost everything from snowboarding to skiing as well as going on risky rock climbing sessions. All kinds of adventure sports are provided while you can enjoy the graphically impressive world during the Festival of Light.

sims 4 snowy escape

Players can also team up with one another to climb the highest peaks. In short, the new expansion pack delivers and exceeds expectations easily. It is worth the money as it offers whole lots of solo and group activities with other players. The expansion pack is now available on Xbox One, PC and PS4, right in time for the holiday season.

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