Project Rene: Electronic Arts Teases The Upcoming Generation of The Sims

the sims

It has been almost a decade since The Sims 4 was launched. A while back, Electronic Arts confirmed that the next game in the series is currently being developed.

This made all those fans happy who were quite disappointed about the gaming publisher, not sharing any major updates about the game for a long time.

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During a Sims Livestream event, an official announcement was made about Project Rene. The publisher described it as the “next generation Sims game and creative platform. Though it is in its early stages of development, it has managed to make fans curious. Project Rene, of course, is the code name used for the game. Because the project is in a very nascent stage, the publisher is not referring to it as The Sims 5. To make fans a little happier, the publisher shared a few important details pertaining to the game.

According to the official description shared by the publisher, the upcoming Sims game will have the essence of the games in the series that have been launched earlier. There will be a certain evolution pertaining to how the Sims think and behave. A bunch of new tools will be provided to the players. These tools will play an important role in enhancing the creativity of the players. Players will also find new and innovative methods to tell stories. Project Rene is touted to offer players the option to play individually or as a part of a team with others. It will be possible for players to try out the game on multiple platforms.

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It seems that Electronic Arts has come up with a specific strategy to increase awareness around the upcoming The Sims game. They will, perhaps, release updates about the game at regular intervals to keep the hype around it alive.

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