The Elder Scrolls VI: Hammefell To Serve As The Setting For The Game

elder scrolls

There is a lot of excitement around The Elder Scrolls VI in the gaming community.

While one has heard several rumors about the game in the recent past, a particular piece of information, which has come to the fore recently, is rather interesting. The game is expected to be set in Hammefell and will boast several intriguing elements including an elaborate political system.

SKULLZI, a leaker who has proved to be quite accurate about his predictions in the past, posted a tweet that carried information shared with him by a seemingly well-placed source. Apart from The Elder Scrolls VI, the report contained information about some of the other games Bethesda is working on at the moment.

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As per the report, Hammefell will serve as the setting for this much-awaited game and the in-game political system is worth waiting for. In the game, different themes like marriage, betrayals and factions are said to be playing important roles.

The report also states that the game could either release in 2025 or 2016. If this turns out to be true, players will have to wait for a very long time to try it out. The report also carries a very amusing piece of information. According to it, there will be no dragons in the game.

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As far as the other games are concerned, the report states that remasters of multiple series, including the Fallout series, are currently being developed by inXile Entertainment. There are also talks about a 4X strategy game being worked upon by the publisher.

As soon as this report came out, another insider called Shpeshal Nick asserted that the reports conveyed by the report are in line with what he had heard recently.

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