The Elder Scrolls VI: Xbox Might Reveal ‘Exclusivity’ Plans Soon

The Elder Scrolls VI

While there has been a lot of speculation around it, there is a good chance of Xbox and Bethesda sharing their exclusivity plans for The Elder Scrolls VI.

After Microsoft acquired Bethesda in the year 2021, there have been speculations over the next game in The Elder Scrolls series being released only on PC and Xbox. A section of the gaming community firmly believed that the game would get a launch on PlayStation platforms as well. Though Xbox and Bethesda refrained from commenting on this matter, they might spill some beans on it soon.

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Stephen Totilo, a reporter with Axios, claims that the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, has put across a request to Microsoft to share some updates pertaining to its exclusivity plans for gaming titles that are with ZeniMax. For the uninitiated, ZeniMax happens to be the parent organization of Bethesda.

The aforementioned request is a result of an ongoing investigation pertaining to Microsoft and its efforts toward acquiring Activision Blizzard. If Microsoft offers some clarity about what it plans to do with the titles that are currently owned by Bethesda, it will help FTC move further toward denying or approving the purchase of Activision Blizzard.

When Xbox finally decides to honor the request put forward by the FTC, one can expect to get some information pertaining to The Elder Scrolls VI and the different platforms it will be launched on. At the moment, The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield are two of the most anticipated games by ZeniMax. Since FTC is very keen to know about the exclusivity that will be exercised by Xbox, there is a strong chance that FTC will share something about The Elder Scrolls VI soon.

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There is one thing fans must remember here. Even if Xbox shares some information about The Elder Scrolls VI, one cannot expect it to release sometime in the near future. At the moment, Bethesda Game Studios is channelizing its energies towards launching Starfield. The game is touted to release in September and carries a lot of positive buzz.

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