GTA Online Becomes a Single Player Game; Fans Excited

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GTA Online fans who had been wishing for the game to become a single player title finally have something to feel cheerful about!

A new development pertaining to Grand Theft Auto Online has become an important point for discussion in the gaming community. Now, you have the option of playing GTA Online as a single-player game.

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GTA 5’s multiplayer offshoot has explored a bunch of solo ventures in the last couple of years. While the First Dose update was rolled out in the month of December, the Last Dose was launched recently. The recent update has given one a bigger scale to explore independent interplay.

Rockstar Games has now made a conscious effort to let go of many of the multiplayer elements that had been a part of in-game sessions. This particular step was taken to ensure players do not face any inconvenience while moving from a multiplayer experience to a single-player setup.

There are several reasons behind Rockstar taking the step to redesign GTA Online as a single-player game. Many of the updates that had been rolled out to the game featured content that could only be explored by single players.

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After the launch of updates like the Contract DLC and CayoPerico Heist, which went on to become very popular, developers started making a conscious effort to introduce new single-player experiences in the game like businesses, missions, and heists. These were the kind of activities that GTA online fans and players could engage in independently.

The Last Dose missions could be undertaken solo. You do not require other players to become a part of the mission lobbies. Because of this, you can play the game and enjoy the different experiences it provides you without being dependent on another player. The arrival of a plethora of single-player content pieces has played an important role in making individual experiences in the game far more enriching.

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