GTA Online Might Have Just Teased a GTA 6 Character

GTA 6 Character

Those waiting desperately to get some update about GTA 6 were in for a pleasant surprise while playing GTA 6 recently.

Grand Theft Auto Online might have just revealed an interesting character that is slated to make an appearance in Grand Theft Auto 6. It’s been a long while since fans have been waiting for GTA 6. Last year, in February, Rockstar Games confirmed that GTA 6 is being developed. Since then, however, there has been no official update about the game.

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Since the last several months, unverified leaks and rumors have kept the discussions around the game alive in the gaming community. Some of the leaks pertaining to the much-awaited game have pointed towards it being set in Vice City, featuring dual playable characters and having a gameplay that would be quite similar to Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay. A bunch of other unconfirmed information has come to the fore and that has kept the buzz surrounding the game alive.

Now, fans are assuming that Rockstar is teasing GTA 6 through GTA Online. The newest update rolled out to the game, which is called The Last Dose, players experience a clash with Dr. Friedlander, who happens to be Michael’s therapist in the primary story. By engaging with this new GTA 6 character, players will also get to participate in an intensive drug war.

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A Twitter user, who goes by the handle @that1detectiv3, noticed that Friedlander, before facing defeat, was planning to move to South America. Now, here’s how it is connected to GTA 6. Years back, Rockstar was developing GTA 6 under the codename ‘Project Americas’. At that time, Rockstar was not sure whether it should set the game in South America or Vice City. While there is a strong chance of GTA 6 being set in Vice City, players could still get a chance to explore a bit of South America through the game.

While many wouldn’t expect Dr. Friedlander to appear in yet another GTA game, it is a possibility that cannot be ruled out. Dr. Friedlander might be incorporated as a side GTA 6 character whose presence could add some good value to the game.

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