GTA 5: After The Last Dose Update, The Game Could Get a New Patch

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According to an insider, GTA 5 will be getting some important maintenance patches soon.

Ben, who happens to be a very popular and reliable Rockstar Games insider, recently shared an important Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 update. According to the insider, the two games will be receiving new maintenance patches in the near future. A couple of days ago, Grand Theft Auto Online received a DLC via The Last Dose update.

Ben tweeted the aforementioned image which offers a glimpse of the two titles going through the phase of Quality Assurance Live Protocol. There are a couple of reasons why it is quite convenient for one to believe in the information Ben has shared here.

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A while back, Scott Butchard, who serves as the Design Director of Grand Theft Auto Online, stated that the game will receive a slew of updates this year. The updates Ben has pointed out at deal with security fixes and quality-of-life upgrades. It is important to note here that the insider has not said anything about new content being added to the game.

The Last Dose DLC update, which has been the topic of discussion for quite some time, unlocked as many as five new Grand Theft Auto Online missions that resulted in the culmination of the Los Santos Drug Wars saga.

Tez2, another prominent Rockstar Games insider, had earlier shared that countless players headed to GTA Online to the latest DLC chapter receiving a proper conclusion. This particular chapter has been very important for the game. This was the same chapter that marked the arrival of new characters, along with Acid Labs, to the game.

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For a very long time, players had been urging Rockstar Games to fix many of the issues that are plaguing GTA Online and RDR 2. If some of the recent moves made by the company are any indication, the gaming publisher is taking the feedback of the fans quite seriously.

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