The Sims 4 Bug Converts Infants Into Long-Legged Monsters

The Sims 4 infant

A new The Sims 4 bug is being reported by a large number of players. They have reported about a recent update that is resulting in the growth of adult legs in their infants.

The Sims 4 is quite a vibrant game that offers a wide variety of elements for players to explore. It has been many things, but it has never really been a horror franchise. A recent update, however, is giving players all the chills. While the update has marked the arrival of infants in the game for the very first time, it has also resulted in the emergence of a major issue. The Sims 4 bug stumbled upon by the players turns these infants into long-legged monsters.

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This particular glitch has been the support site of Electronic Arts. Players have stated that they have managed to replicate the issue by getting infants to interact with objects in and around the house. While one is sure about developer Maxis making a note of this problem, players have also discussed it on platforms like Reddit.

Sims 4 monster

This particular issue is a result of a big update that was rolled out a few days ago along with the Growing Together expansion pack. Though there have been a few issues like the nightmare fuel bug, players are actually quite happy to see the direction in which this update has propelled the game in. Among other things, this update has paved the way for a greater number of customization options and interactive abilities in the game.

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Prior to this update being launched, infants were meted out the kind of treatment that was synonymous with objects adult characters got the opportunity to interact with. There was a lot of criticism around infants not being fleshed out as regular characters that have their own objectives and wants. While the aforementioned update addressed this issue, it has given birth to a new problem.

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