The Elder Scrolls 6 Xbox Exclusivity Confirmed By Internal Documents, Claims Sony

Elder Scrolls 6 Release Date

Sony is vehemently fighting exclusive titles (!) and the Elder Scrolls 6 Xbox exclusivity is not a far fetched dream, but a nearly confirmed possibility according to the company.

The company, which thrived on exclusive titles like God of War and Uncharted have now opened up to launch them on Windows PCs owing to business requirements.

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While Sony might have a completely different take on why they had exclusives in the first place, Microsoft’s acquisition of Blizzard and Activision has been under investigation for long now. The game publisher Blizzard is one of the biggest in the world with titles like Diablo, Fallout and also own Activision, parent company of Call of Duty series. In a newly released list of documents, Sony strongly claims that the Elder Scrolls 6 exclusivity is pretty much confirmed at this point of time.

Making ES6 Exclusive is Quite Possible, Believes Sony

Titles like Forza Horizon and Gears of War are still exclusive to Windows PCs, Xbox Series X and Series S. While competitors have no issue in having these dedicated to select platforms, it has also been confirmed that the upcoming Starfield, a massive space exploration title will be exclusive to Microsoft platforms. There is no official statement on whether the Elder Scrolls 6 will be released on PlayStation 5 consoles or not. It is yet to be confirmed by Microsoft.

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“We are worried about how Microsoft has been handling the acquisition so far. Call of Duty is a yearly title that is fast selling and also available on all platforms which is why gamers could enjoy it on a platform of their choice. Ever since they acquired Zenimax in 2021, Starfield was made exclusive and now chances are high that the upcoming titles may have the same path. The Elder Scrolls 6 Xbox exclusivity may not be confirmed by Microsoft yet, but it is a high possibility,” according to Sony.

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer in one of his earlier talks made a slight hint on the Elder Scrolls 6 Xbox exclusivity, but so far there is no news on it being constrained to just one platform.

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