GTA 6 Map Leak Offers a Glimpse of the Massive Scale of Vice City

GTA 6 concept maps

There have been a lot of talks about GTA 6 being set in Vice City. Now, a recent GTA 6 map leak suggests that the setting of the game will be truly grand!

A Grand Theft Auto 6 version, which can be best described as a work-in-progress version of the game, got leaked last year. As soon as Rockstar Games got a whiff of it, it jumped into action and got the leaked files removed from the internet. However, by then it was too late. A large number of players already had a look at it.

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One of the many things the leaked material confirmed that the setting of the game would be Vice City, which happens to be a fictionalized version of Miami. The location of GTA 6 has been one of the most discussed elements pertaining to the game. When this leak happened, many players were looking forward to having a look at the actual map of the game. However, that didn’t quite happen.

GTA VI vs GTA V Map Comparison Based On Rage Engine Units from GTA6

Now, players have got a fair idea about how expansive the map is through Rage Engine Units. If the estimation brought to the fore proves to be accurate, the map for GTA 6 will be huge. If you think of it, the map of GTA 6, a game that is almost a decade old, is also quite massive. The GTA 6 map, however, is touted to be much more expansive than that of GTA 5.

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Players have been quite impressed by the new GTA 6 map leak. There is a good chance of the entire map being much bigger than the one that has come to the fore recently. There is a chance of a large portion of the northern part of the map has not been revealed as yet.

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