The Sims 4: Carnaval Streetwear Kit To Be Launched on February 3

Sims 4 carnival kit

Brazil’s Carnaval has often been described as one of the most important celebrations across the globe.

Just like any other major event, the Carnaval, too, had to bear the brunt of the Covid-19 situation. However, you can still experience some of the exuberance associated with it virtually as the CarnavalStreetwear Kit is all set to be launched on The Sims 4 today. A partnership between the Brazilian superstar PablloVittar and Electronic Arts.

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PablloVittar happens to be a singer-songwriter and a drag queen from Brazil who enjoys immense popularity in her country. She is widely known for creating electronic tracks that have a flavor of traditional Brazilian music in them. Though she started her career just a few years back, she has garnered a lot of acclaims and received a lot of global attention for her work in the field of entertainment. The reputed Time magazine named her as one of the ‘Next Generation Leaders’ in a list.

The CarnavalStreetwear Kit shall enable players to make the wardrobe of their Sims more dynamic and colorful. Sims can now be seen in outfits featuring interesting cutouts and creative patterns. One can now expect Sims to adorn sequins tops and sport bright makeup. There will be different pieces in this new kit and each of these pieces has been, in equal measures, inspired by the design of the original Carnaval costumes and the vibrant personality of Vittar.

PablloVittar, in a recent post, stated that Carnaval is a very important celebration as it contributes towards uniting people. She further said that the festival is a symbolic representation of happiness and those who participate in it forget their worries for some time. According to her, this is the kind of festival that is supposed to look vibrant and grab eyeballs. Once the new kit is launched, she asserted, the gamers will get to know what this festival is all about.

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Vittar’s collaboration with EA and The Sims 4 will continue to delight fans in a lot of ways. Now, players will be able to listen to her popular song ‘Buzina’ on the Carnaval radio station that will feature on The Sims 4.

Vincent Joly, a senior art director, stated that many fans of the Carnaval and those who were planning to experience it for the first time were disappointed to see it being canceled because of the pandemic. Now, he stated, that they will get to experience it at least in a digital form because of the CarnavalStreetwear Kit on The Sims 4.

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