The Sims 4 Devs Treat Fans With Another Final Fantasy Reference

The Sims 4

The Sims 4 devs are known to be die-hard fans of Final Fantasy 14 and they have proved it yet again by dropping another reference.

The Sims 4 development has had several professionals who were admirers of Final Fantasy 14. During the development process, the Sims 4 devs, who also happened to be Final Fantasy 14 fans, ended up including a few elements from Final Fantasy 14 into the game. Their love for Final Fantasy 14 is also reflected in the Crystal Creations Stuff Pack which was released very recently.

This pack came equipped with a bunch of interesting items and crystals that would intrigue many fans. One of the items in the pack which have been discussed extensively is the ‘Spire-Shaped Gemstone’. At least for the next few days, fans will be busy dissecting the various elements that have arrived, courtesy of this pack.

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A Reddit user, who identifies themselves as Zuke88, stumbled upon a rather interesting description which reads, “Your own mini crystal tower that an exarch would be proud of”. Through this description, they seem to be making a reference to the Crystal Tower quest series and Alliance Raids which one participates in the final moments of A Realm Reborn. Apart from being the name of the spire, Crystal Tower also happens to be a reference to G’raha Tia.

New FFXIV reference in the newest sims 4 stuff pack just dropped
byu/Zuke88 inffxiv

Coming across a reference like this in The Sims 4 wouldn’t have really surprised a lot of fans. In many of the expansions released in the past, one stumbled upon similar references. The Growing Together expansion, which was released in the early months of 2023, featured one such reference. This expansion enabled users to set up racks with drawings made by children. Fans have been quite amused by such references and keep waiting for them to feature in new expansion packs.

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While this reference could get a lot of fans excited, they should expect a lot more references to come by in the near future. Being huge fans of Final Fantasy 14, the Sims 4 devs are expected to drop in more references via upcoming expansions.

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