The Sims 4 Launches Free Update To Include Vitiligo Skin in the Game

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This update serves as yet another testimony to the fact that Maxis wants to make The Sims 4 as inclusive as possible!

The Sims 4 has been one of the games that has consistently worked towards offering players an inclusive environment. Apart from giving players more possibilities or elements to work around, the game has also made an effort to expand the representation with time. Now, a free update has been added to the game which introduces the Vitiligo skin in the game.

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The update, which has just been rolled out, gives players the opportunity to customize Sims belonging to different age groups with vitiligo skin. Through this update, fans can now apply the vitiligo skin on different zones or areas of Sims including their face, arms, legs, upper torso and lower torso. As per the information put forward by the official blog of the game, players will have the freedom to try out these patterns by visiting the Skin Details category. These patterns come in multiple variants and with time, they would undergo prominent alterations.

Upon visiting the FAQ section, one can have a look at some of the crucial information pertaining to this update. There are different patterns and the color for each of them will be determined by the color of the Sim’s skin. Players must remember that having Vitiligo will not have any impact on their gameplay. However, one should know that different Vitiligo skins cannot be mixed with one another. Once players start using these skins, they will get familiarized with them.

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When one comes across an update of this nature, one gets an idea about the kind of research and efforts the development team puts in to bringing such content to players. As per the information given out in the blog post, the team carried out extensive research to figure out the different ways in which different skin types get affected by depigmentation. The team managed to put together 61 different variations for Sims belonging to different age groups. These kinds of updates should help Maxim attract players who remain very concerned about representation in games.

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