The Sims 4 Growing Together Expansion Pack: Here’s What You Can Expect

Sims 4 Growing Together

As the new Growing Together Expansion Pack expansion is being readied for a March release, we have got some information on what you should expect from it!

Growing Together, an upcoming expansion pack designed for The Sims 4, will get an official launch on March 16. The expansion pack revolves around family and generational gameplay. For a long time, fans had been waiting for such an expansion pack to be introduced in the game and their wish is about to come true soon.

To give fans an idea about this expansion pack, The Sims Team released a trailer. It also uploaded a blog post which offers one further clarity about what one can expect from this upcoming expansion. The blog post also shares some information about the infant base game update that will be available at zero cost from March 14.

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Here is all that you can expect from the Growing Together expansion pack:

Infant Milestones

infant sims

The Growing Together expansion pack, among other things, helps you make a note of infant milestones and track the time period during which your infant is growing older. It will also provide you with a plethora of infant playmates and charging stations. There will also be as many as 18 new Infant Quirks that will play an important role in shaping the behavior of an infant.

San Sequoia

san seqioa

The expansion pack will introduce you to a whole new world in the form of San Sequoia. There will be a lot of things for players to explore in this world. There will be an extensive outdoor area where families will get to spend some quality time and children shall have the opportunity to play. The residents of San Sequoia will be living in three different neighborhoods namely, Gilbert Gardens, Anchor point Wharf, and Hopewell Hills.

Family Interactions


By introducing fresh content for all age groups, Growing Together helps family members bond with each other by engaging in a variety of activities. Elders will get the opportunity to do power walks, solve intricate puzzles and do several other things at the recreation center. The expansion pack shall also offer a major upgrade for toddlers. Older children will get to choose from four new aspirations namely, Mind and Body, Creative Genius, Slumber Party Animal, and Playtime Captain.

Social Dynamics


The social compatibility feature, which will come with this expansion pack, will change the way people socialize in The Sims 4. If you are somebody who believes in deep and meaningful associations, then this would appeal to you. You will also get the chance to find out who you are socially compatible with. You shall also discover who could become your sworn enemy in the near future.

Milestones Feature


While going through different types of events in their life, Sims cover several important milestones. Checking milestones, in fact, is one of the best ways to track the growth of a Sim. From achieving something important in one’s career to having a personal goal fulfilled, a milestone could be anything that makes you believe you are moving forward. With the arrival of this expansion, this is one thing you will get to do very well.

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