The Sims 4: Upcoming Live-Stream Event To Update Fans With New Information

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The Sims 4 fans can look forward to receiving some important news during a live-stream event that is scheduled to be held on January 31.

Those who follow The Sims 4 can look forward to a live-stream event that will be organized on January 31.

What makes this live-stream event significant is that the developer has confirmed that some ‘exciting news’ will be shared about the game during this event. For those who have been waiting to hear something important about The Sims 4 for a while, this live stream will be that one event they wouldn’t want to miss.

The Sims 4 team, through a post on its official Twitter account, confirmed that a Behind The Sims stream will be organized on January 31. Since this would be a Sunday, a large number of fans are expected to turn up for it.

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As soon as this announcement was made on Twitter, fans were visibly excited and one is assuming most of them would have bookmarked this date as well. Apart from the date, the timing (9 AM PST) was also mentioned in the tweet. When you go through the post, you will see that the official Twitter accounts for The Sims Mobile and The Sims FreePlay were also tagged. This implies one would be getting some fresh updates on these titles too.

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After this announcement came through, fans have been discussing the kind of information this live-stream event could provide them with. One of the subjects that could be broached during this event would be improved babies. While the content is expected to be released soon, the exact launch date might just get revealed during this event.

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There is also a lot of speculation around the next expansion that will be added to The Sims 4. While the developing team has assured fans of a new expansion being introduced in the early months of this year, one doesn’t have any solid information about it as yet. While there have been some teases and clues, one expects to get some elaborate details about it during the live-stream event.

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