The Sims 4 has a Massive Player Base of 30 Million Players Now

Released a couple of years ago, there aren’t many games that could boast the massive player base like the Sims 4.

The title enjoyed the best quarter in recent years especially with the pandemic situation going on and people spending more time indoors. It is considered the most active quarter by Electronic Arts and obviously, it turns out great for the 30-million player base which is something to be proud of for developers and ardent fans.

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Being at home with some work and nothing much to do, gaming has become the most popular hobby for a lot of people. There are no new movies to look out for but the digital content for games like the Sims 4, Call of Duty kept flowing throughout the months. The Sims franchise witnessed the launch of multiple game packs, stuff packs among other content that you could purchase separately.

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Increasing Use Base

The base game is quite popular because of numerous updates that it receives from its developer Maxis from time to time. The large expansion packs such as the one that adds a range of new career options is definitely an exciting addition to purchase. It is being said that if you are to purchase all the additional content released so far, you might end up spending hundreds of dollars but for long time fans, it is not a big deal to do so.

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The big-time players who are simply addicted to the exciting world of the Sims 4 would love to keep spending so that they can build exciting new stuff out of it. The recently launched pack is designed to be the nifty knitting pack that allows people to knit sweaters, dolls and so many other stuff to keep both adults and children happy.

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With more than six years old, the game shows no signs of slowing down. The overall player base is measured to be over 30 million players on PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. The announcement was made by none other than Electronic Arts and they further confirmed that a massive 10 million players joined the fray in a span of six months.

The addition of new content, more people joining the game through the console platforms and the situation around the globe are said to be the reasons for this massive growth. It also happens to be a free game on PlayStation Plus a couple of months ago which led to lots of new members downloading the game to simply check it out.

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