GTA 6 Soundtrack Leak Hints at the Game’s Setting

GTA 6 Fans

The GTA 6 by Rockstar is once again the most anticipated game of the decade for many obvious reasons.

The game follows GTA 5 and its phenomenal success as the title made billions in the review. It continues to do so with GTA Online. It is not surprising to see hardcore gamers waiting so much to once again play Grand Theft Auto for which this leak seems like the perfect way to tease some content.

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Throughout the months and years, there had been so many speculations. Many even expected that Sony would launch GTA VI along with the PlayStation 5 reveal. The event was so grand but it became a dud when they simply launched the older version of the game on the next platform. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation are some of the most powerful consoles that the industry ever witnessed with more than 10 teraflops of raw graphical power on both systems.

GTA 6 Vice City

Leaked Soundtrack

The information comes from a surprising source as a leaked soundtrack found on Twitter suggests that game could be set in the Vice City universe. According to the Twitter handle by Vector Hold, a retro 80’s style Electro Synth Project is underway by Pete Rice. There are so many similar artists who have been hired onto the job and they were purchasing these tracks for GTA 6’s radio station.

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Based on the kind of music they are opting for, it is usually easy to predict what the game developers are up to. After all, only when the game is set in the 70s or 80s, they could consider going for retro-style music. The aspect adds lots of authenticity to the game when players spend lots of time driving vehicles. Any real GTA fan would love to do nothing but drive around the city for hours, listening to their favorite radio station and changing vehicles from time to time.

GTA 6 Vice City

A sad part is that the said tweet has already been deleted. Companies like Rockstar are always serious about their copyrighted material. They would never want players to have any such leaks before the official announcement. The tweet is just a hint that this could be a retro-styled game but with the actual GTA 6 title set for launch years later from now, once again based on rumors we may have to wait for more for an official confirmation.  The game will launch on consoles first and later on PC if the original trend is followed.

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