The Sims 4 Leaked Game Pack Icon Sparks Debate – Star Wars or Atlantis?

The Sims 4 just released the cute and cuddly knitting pack but the team is already preparing for a brand new game pack.

The leaked icon has once again sparked plenty of controversies and debate because it could be related to the Atlantis or the popular Star Wars franchise.

Compared to hardcore gamers who play titles like Battlefield and Assassin’s Creed, the Sims has always been a solution for alternative lifestyle inside a virtual world. People love realistic stuff such as going to a new job or building a new minimalistic house of their own. However, the developers do cater to fantasy lovers with Halloween themed packs or sometimes ones like these, where it is all about the pop culture. Star Wars is definitely something to be really excited about while Atlantis is now more popular due to the Aquaman movie.

sims 4 new game pack icon

Leaked Game Pack Icon

The game packs and stuff packs on the Sims 4 are often leaked in different forms that it confuses the end user. Instead of coming to a quick conclusion, you would never know the actual pack that Maxis and Electronic Arts is going to release. The last launch was done officially after a voting system went live on the website. The pack that received the most votes managed to find its way to stores and people enjoyed knitting their own sweater among other fancy items.

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The first guess made by a user against the Sim Guru Duke’s comment was a theme park. Obviously, that is a standalone game by itself and it didn’t make much sense to include it as a pack. The Guru rejected the idea. However, the best part is this is going to be one of the major first updates from the game developer hinting that players will have an amazing time playing through the game’s various content they have to offer.

Based on the icons used in the leaked image, it was also speculated that the new one could be related to the world of Atlantis. Star Wars seems more of a fantasy prediction but with both these fictional worlds, there is plenty to play around with your Sims characters. There is no word on whether this will be a huge update for the base game or a simple game pack that adds items based on a specific theme.

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EA owns Star Wars and it leads to this speculation that this could be related to costumes, theme park styled content. Another guess is the story of Atlantis had three mountains carved by Poseidon and this icon kind of depicts it.

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