The Sims 4 Infants Shall Get The Opportunity To Interact With Pets

The Sims 4 infant

The Sims Team recently made an announcement about a new update that will enable The Sims 4 players to interact with pets.

A free Sims 4 update, which is scheduled to be launched soon, will give infants the opportunity to interact with pets. Though it has been a few years since The Sims 4 was launched, players feel there are several kinds of experiences that the game has not offered them yet. Recently, the Sims 4 base game became free for all. Because of this, a larger number of players are now trying it out.

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While the base game itself offers players a lot of elements to explore, they can look forward to a lot of free content coming to the game courtesy of some new updates. Sometime back, an official announcement made by the Sims Team confirmed that it would be launching a base update to bring in a new infant life stage to the game. The objective behind launching this life stage was to ensure that the Sims experience a growth flow that is far more organic.

As soon as this announcement was made, several fans raised concerns over the functionality of the infant life stage. A lot of the players believed that the infants update or the Growing Together expansion pack wouldn’t do much for the Sims pets. However, all their fears and worries were put to rest with the developers, who were a part of the Infants and Growing Together live stream, stating that infants will face no issue while interacting or engaging with household pets.

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Based on the information one has received so far, the mechanics and functionalities that are being introduced with the new expansion pack and update have been designed to be compatible with some of the recently launched packs in the game. The compatibility system shall feature traits that will be found only in a handful of expansion packs.

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