Counter Strike 2 Beta Can Possibly Release This Month, Suggest Rumors

Counter Strike 2 Beta

With many rumors on the fly, Counter Strike 2 Beta seems to be closest than ever and things have sprung up out of the blue.

There was hardly any indication that a new CS game is in the making. Valve and Steam have always been great at keeping things under wraps, which is why we never know if they are still working on any Half Life 3 game of sorts.

They did launch Half Life Alyx which is still the best ever virtual reality game that you could get your hands on. The media outlets are on fire because some already spotted leaks, and potential information regarding a new Counter Strike 2 game in the making. The information was revealed by Richard Lewis, a man known for quality leaks throughout the years. Considering his track record and his association with all things Counter Strike in the past, we could easily claim that he has an insider giving him all the exclusive stories.

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Lewis suggests Counter Strike 2 or the tentatively titled first-person competitive shooter which will precede Counter Strike Global Offensive is in the making. It’s not just this information that got people excited but rather they do have an open beta scheduled right in the month of March 2023. There is no official announcement yet on Counter Strike 2 Beta but it could be a quick one and players need no invitation to join the fray to check out how a new CS game would be.


A Series of Rumors Confirm CS 2 Beta is Here

According to Lewis, the beta will probably be hosted at the end of March or by April 1st at the most. Keen observers have also claimed that Valve has been lethargic when it comes to Counter Strike Global Offensive in the past few years or so. While the community continues to build new content, the official updates are quite low which further indicates they are possibly working on a new game for a while now.

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The new game is being developed in Source 2 engine and will be on par with popular titles like Battlefield 2042 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare series. Players who haven’t upgraded their gaming PCs in a very long time will definitely struggle to run the new title. Optimization will not be an issue yet it won’t be possible to run the game even at the lowest setting unless you choose to reduce the resolution as well.

The recent Nvidia drivers had csgo2.exe and cs2.exe which further solidifies the rumor. Valve should make an announcement with regards to Counter Strike 2 Beta which will change the gaming scene once again, as it will compete with popular battle royale titles of this generation.

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