New Build Mode By The Sims 4 Receives Criticism From Xbox Players

Sims 4 Player

While launching the new build mode, The Sims 4 team expected an encouraging response from the gamers. That, however, didn’t happen!

Launched in September 2014, The Sims 4 has emerged as one of the most successful games in the franchise. For almost a decade now, the game has played an important role in keeping the curiosity and interest around the game alive. While most of the updates shared by the developer team are received well by the players, a recent one didn’t really strike a chord with them.

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The game has a build mode that gives players the opportunity to dress characters, put together their virtual homes and engage in activities that would contribute towards their house looking better. The mode, in a lot of ways, was in sync with the values of creative expression the game stands for.

However, a large number of Xbox players have now spoken about the issues with the build mode. According to them, there are several issues with its controls and functionality. The negative feedback shared by Xbox players has now been extensively noticed by the gaming community.

Some changes were rolled out to the build mode recently and those have resulted in it becoming harder for some players to work their way around. Among the many issues is the fact that the mode does not feature scrolling support now. The inept user interface has also added to the woes of gamers.

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Many of the players have gone ahead and shared the kind of bad experience they had with the build mode on social media. Most of them are of the opinion that The Sims 4 development team needs to take some action immediately to fix the issues with the build mode. Though Xbox players are facing a lot of difficulties and challenges with the build mode, it seems to be working better for PS4 and PC players.

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