The Sims 4 Introduces Triple Boost Week to Help Your Sim Find their Valentine

The Sims 4

Electronic Arts in association with The Sims 4 developer Maxis has decided to make the Valentine’s Day special. The duo has launched the triple boost week.

While you might get more experience and points in multiplayer shooters, it’s all about relationships in the Sims 4. The game’s special week which commenced on February 14 commemorating Valentine’s eve will continue till February 21st giving you enough time to find your lady love or the right man. Relationships always take time and are tough to build as the sims won’t budge easily.

The Sims 4 Triple Boost Week

However, with the introduction of Jasmine Holiday, things get a lot easier. This time, Jasmine is busy and will play cupid in the game. If you have a strong crush on someone and would like to form a long lasting bond with the sim, all you have to do is call Jasmine. She will give you three times the boost to get your relationship going at a rapid pace. The limited period event will not go beyond next week. If you really want to settle down and get babies of your own, get going right away as Jasmine will no longer be your cupid from next Tuesday.

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There is a catch though! It’s not all flowers and rainbows in the game. A lot of sims characters try to form illegal relationship or have a hopeless crush on someone they are not supposed to fall in love with. Jasmine has a very strong eye to find such evil doers and will appreciate only positive relationships. The triple boost week will help bond real couples and doesn’t promote those mean Sims trying to make use of cupid’s powers.

The Sims 4 has got a lot better ever since Toddlers were introduced in the game and the new Vampire game pack. There are plenty of mods that you could play with and new items that continue to pop in at regular intervals. They keep the game interesting at all times. The items are also extremely handy as you can make your house look posh and sophisticated than they ever were filled with children and maybe host some kickass parties to make the weekend memorable.

The Sims 4

Six new traits have also been added to the Sims including people with strong focus on being mean, loner, who doesn’t love kids, outgoing, noncommittal, good and family oriented. Falling in relationships is now much easier but also difficult because your Sim has to wade through the bad ones to find the right partner.

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