The Sims 4 is Free to Play on Xbox, EA Offers More Titles on Free Play

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If you own an Xbox console, this weekend could probably be the best for trying out the Sims 4.

For gamers who are on the fence about purchasing the title which often goes for as low as $10 during a sale, the free to play weekend sounds like a boon. You could play the game without paying anything at all for three or four whole days during this offer.

For Xbox owners who have already subscribed to Xbox Live Gold or possibly the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can enjoy Free Play Days this weekend that starts on Feb 5th and will be available till Feb 8th. The time is more than enough for you to create your own avatar, play around in the neighborhood and possibly find a career that you really like. For anyone who is really interested in creating a virtual persona and living the life of their dreams in the world, the Sims 4 offers more than enough content for you to explore.

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People who are not completely familiar with this Maxis developed title can actually lead a virtual life in the Sims. The game has so many expansion packs, DLCs and stuff packs that you could purchase. You could literally transport yourself to the world of Star Wars with the latest pack or go to Japan Mount Fuji for a vacation. You can also build your own family and take your kids on this great trip.

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Exploring Games During Free Play Days

Seasoned Sims 4 players already know that there is plenty of new content scheduled for launch for the title in 2021. The game developers and publishing company Electronic Arts confirmed the same. It may also be not surprising if the title becomes part of Xbox Game Pass because the base game is just a start for many more hours to be spent in the expansion packs. The title along with PuyoPuyo Tetris 2 is available for play, is completely free until Monday for you to check it out.

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The only thing to check is that your download bandwidth should be good enough because you can play the game only for four days. Unless you choose to purchase it and decide to spend more hours on the title, it would be wise to delete the game later on. However, if you love the game, you are in for a sure ride across the amazing worlds that you could create in the Sims 4.

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