The Sims 4 has More Fair Skin Tones, Less Dark Ones: New Petition Claims

A petition on wants the developers of the Sims 4 to provide more dark-skinned color tones.

The idea behind this game is to allow players to represent themselves virtually which is why the game developers support every race including the LGBT community with lots of colorful events.

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When the game was originally launched, it had lots of fair skin tones to choose from. While white people could easily associate themselves with so many choices, it was a fair complaint that people of color had less to choose from. In so many years since the launch, the developers’ Maxis and Electronic Arts have released lots of updates. The game updates continue to make the title better yet some feel that the absence of a color wheel for skin tones creates an issue like no other.

sims 4 skintone Petition

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According to the latest update, the petition has garnered a massive amount of 80,000 petitions and counting. The media attention is expected to further push this forward so that more people would demand the developers to focus on this aspect. The petitioner further claims that when pets could have a wheel to choose their color tone, why not humans have the same choice so that they could represent themselves better.

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The concept of video games is considered a fantasy by some but most associate it with their real life. They opine that it is one of the many places where they could represent themselves better which is why the game developers should consider this petition as a serious one. Despite having lots of darker skin tones to choose from, they still don’t look right when paired with lipstick or with other characters.

The shades sometimes go beyond the face and are not precisely matched when compared to a lighter skin tone. With thousands of positive signatures from gamers, it is not surprising that the Sims 4 developers should focus on this. While they are doing great game packs and DLCs, they should also focus on the basics to appease their player base.

A similar issue was raised by a YouTuber who further claims that the major color tones provided for dark skin are fairer than it should be. Some are even brownish or fair but are considered dark which doesn’t do justice to the character or the game people would want to play. If it is asked by the majority of the community, then a change is expected in the near future.

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