Apple iPhone 12 has Multiple Models and Will be Launched in Two Different Events

The rumor has been abuzz for months now that Apple iPhone 12 will have three to four different models rolling out.

A strong claim from buyers that smartphones are becoming too expensive forced companies like Apple, OnePlus, Samsung and Google to launch below $500 models to make it easier to purchase.

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While the flagship models like iPhone 11 Pro and Galaxy Fold exists at over $1000, the affordable phones are the ones that sell lots. Apple iPhone 12 according to rumors will have 5G variants and non-5G variants. Based on this latest claim that they will have two different events to launch multiple models of the same phone further suggests that we will be receiving devices at varied price points for the convenience of buyers.

Apple iPhone 12

Delayed Launch

With the pandemic situation delaying shipments and production, it has earlier been confirmed that Apple may hold its first iPhone 12 event a few weeks later. Instead of the conventional September launch every year, they are forced to push the phone’s launch as well as its availability. The devices are to be shipped to different countries as the company follows a schedule of a global launch which could be further delayed due to the current restrictions worldwide.

Multiple iPhone 12 Models

The Apple iPhone 12 will be available in different sizes so as to make it easier for users to choose their budget and display preferences. The smallest of the lot will be 5.4-inches which is a compact and possibly the most affordable version of them all. The next will be 6.1-inches similar to the iPhone XR and the 6.7-inch Pro variants with the best camera available in the segment.

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Production delays are prominent in China which happens to be the chief supplier of iPhones for Apple. The company is working on two different high-end variants and two affordable models. The iPhone SE 2020 is already launched at $400 and continues to receive rave reviews for its ease of use. When phones are going over 6.5-inches for gaming and media consumption, users who are still keen on using them just as a smartphone will find the smaller devices much easier.

Apple is also expected to use 5G technology and not have any ear pods included in the box this time around. They are probably pushing AirPods more in terms of sales and remove all the ports in an iPhone eventually. The launch event is expected in the first week of October while a second event is expected towards the end of 2020.

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