The Sims 4: New Baby Update Results In Players Creating Sharp-Looking Babies

The Sims 4 infant

A new update in The Sims 4 has enabled players to create babies with extraordinarily sharp features.

Last week, a free baby update was rolled out to The Sims 4. Modders are now making a conscious effort to offer more options to players for putting together a perfect family. You don’t expect babies to be as prim and proper as adults. It takes a lot of time for their facial hair and eyebrows to grow. This new update, however, has enabled the creation of babies that have well-trimmed eyebrows, big falsies and permanent blush. Those who have seen these babies can’t help but be amused by their appearance.

Growing Together is one expansion in the game that gives Simmers the opportunity to experience the infant life stage in a much more fulfilling manner. Now, Sims get greatly impacted by potty training and other activities that are described as milestones in the game. They are also able to acquire quirks that remain with them for as long as they live. Players seem to be driven by the idea of creating babies that look presentable on social media.

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While it was quite common to see virtual women being decked up extensively to cater to unrealistic beauty standards, now virtual babies are made to go through it as well. The pictures of these babies have surfaced on the internet and garnered mixed reactions from fans. While some have commented that the brows seemed to be glued to the baby’s face, many are of the opinion that these enhancements are making them look adorable.

While one is not sure how effective this update has proved to be, it has definitely given The Sims 4 fans something to talk about. While the necessity of this update can be debated upon, it has surely brought in some vibrancy to the game.

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