The Sims 4 New Update Brings Firefighters, Ability to Manage Bills & Utilities

The Sims 4 is one of the perfect games that you could enjoy during the Pandemic because it has an addictive gameplay mechanism and new content additions make it even better.

Electronic Arts and Maxis are keeping players busy during this pandemic period. Players love to play games so as to keep themselves occupied for long hours.

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As part of their summer update, the developers recently added firefighters to the game. Similar to how they help you in real life if your oven or stove gets caught on fire, the firemen will be there in your residence. They will connect the hose, use water to extinguish the fire while you can safeguard your family members or friends. The character animations are extremely realistic that further adds to the authenticity of this update.

More Ways to Manage Inventory

With so many new items to purchase and maintain, it is possible that players will lose track of things they own or available at their disposal. A dedicated inventory page has been created for your sims avatars. You will now be able to view all the available items and also sort them out based on the category they belong to.

The serious gamers would want to maintain a complete real-life simulator inside the Sims 4 world. For those addictive players, this is a chance to maintain their bills and utilities inside the virtual world. The SimGuru explained how it might work and surprisingly it includes a series of business-related ideas.

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If you are planning to live using the Eco lifestyle, you can consider saving power. The power saved for the household can be used and sold to the company. It is another way to make money while contributing your share to the virtual planet where all your Sims characters live.

The Sims 4

Patch Fixing

Ever since the Eco Lifestyle got launched on the Sims 4 as part of a major update, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers were dropping in with plenty of complaints. The developers at Maxis have managed to fix it by rolling out a patch update. Many complained that the game crashed every time they tried to launch it on their console. It has been fixed with this and another issue which requested players to restart the game in manage world screen has also been fixed, according to an update by a SimGuru.

EA and Maxis are expected to talk more about future game packs, DLCs as and when they get ready for all the platforms The Sims 4 is available for players.

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