The Sims 4: New Update Eliminates Several Bugs From The Game

Sims 4 update

Ever since the first sequel in The Sims franchise came out, updates have been rolled out for every franchise in the game on a regular basis.

Many of these updates were released in order to get rid of bugs affecting the game adversely. Now, a newly launched update has fixed many of the bugs in The Sims 4.

The Sims team has released an official statement confirming the fact that several bugs have been fixed as a result of update 1.90 being released. For a very long time, The Sims 4 players were stressed about the presence of some bugs that made the game less enjoyable. While some bugs led to abnormal age fluctuations, many of the bugs resulted in the emergence of some unwanted ‘romance options’.

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Bugs and glitches have affected the gameplay in expansions and titles in the franchise. The August-released patch has managed to resolve some of the pertinent issues with the base game. While players shouldn’t be surprised to encounter bugs while playing The Sims 4 in the near future, some of the major issues, that had been plaguing the game for some time, won’t appear anymore.

The “Ask to be Girlfriend/Boyfriend” feature will now reach out to Sims of the appropriate age group. There is no chance of adult Sims tagging teens and flirting with them in Social Bunny posts. There will also be a lesser possibility of Sims aging or de-aging suddenly when they opt out of the Create a Sim menu. The game has now enabled all the Sims to travel, regardless of them being a part of the present lot or not.

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These are some of the important changes players using the base version will get to see. High School Years and Get Famous expansion, players, however, will have the opportunity of witnessing more changes in the game.

The Sims 4 Get Famous expansion has resulted in the introduction of a fame meter that Sims can use. The High School Years Expansion has brought in a glitch that had restricted the movement and activities of the Sims in the game. This issue, too, has been resolved by update 1.90.

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