The Sims 4 Registers 1.4 Billion Play Hours After Becoming Free-To-Play


According to EA games, 2022 has proved to be a very fruitful year for them and the gaming industry, in general.

To celebrate this year, the gaming publisher has published a page that offers a glimpse of statistics for some of its most popular titles.

These statistics are quite interesting and are put together in a manner that would appeal to those who look for amusing content all the time. When you check the statistics of Apex Legends, you realize the players shared a billion in-game ‘thank you’ messages. As many as 547.9 revives were carried out in Battlefield 2042. The statistics also reveal that a large number of players suffered from ‘emotional harm’ in It Takes Two.

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One of the biggest revelations of these statistics is the fact that players spent 1.4 billion hours playing The Sims 4. They also reveal that 436.5 million new Sims got created and 21.7 million Sims succumbed to death. Some of the most common reasons behind these deaths were being in an advanced age, extreme anger and accidental drowning.

While drowning and old age are causes one has come across before, dying because of anger is quite novel. Of course, some amount of blame for this anger has to be put on the random rage bug that resulted in Sims becoming aggressive and rude all of a sudden.

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As per the statistics, as many as 289 million ‘woohoos’ were heard in the game. The most prominent traits of Sims this year were cheerful, romantic and creative. The gallery uploads hit the 11.5 million mark. The downloads amounted to acumulative total of 209. The statistics make it clear that the demand for Sims content has increased steadily with time. These numbers are indicative of the fact that EA’s strategy to make The Sims 4 free-to-play has worked very well.

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