New GTA Online Teaser Makes GTA 6 Fans Hopeful

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A new teaser video released by Rockstar Games, which is linked to GTA Online, has served as fodder for fans who have been getting impatient waiting for some news pertaining to GTA 6.

Through various platforms, GTA fans had been imploring Rockstar to share some updates about GTA 6. The gaming studio, however, hasn’t shared any important updates about GTA 6 after confirming, earlier this year, that the game is being developed.

The release of the aforementioned teaser managed to excite GTA fans and make them hopeful for a while. However, soon enough, they realized that it was not designed to offer any important information about GTA 6.

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Through a post on Twitter, Rockstar shared a video that offered a glimpse into the new logo of the gaming company. The logo featured some vibrant animation that caught the attention of fans instantly. Since the tweet didn’t have any caption to it, many fans immediately jumped to the conclusion of it being a tease for GTA 6.

Just a few seconds after the tweet was posted, GTA fans started circulating it across different platforms. Many believed that it was a teaser for the first look of GTA 6 that many had been waiting for a long time.

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This belief was busted with a large number of GTA fans stepping forward and pointing out that this particular clip was actually associated with GTA Online and not GTA 6. Rockstar Games also uploaded this clip on its official YouTube channel and clarified that it was only created to promote the Los Santos Drug Wars for GTA Online which was released a while back.

While this particular update is quite important for GTA Online, it has nothing to do with GTA 6. Fans, who had been waiting for some worthwhile news on the much-awaited game, will have to wait a little longer.

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