The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Introduces Players to a Brand New Culture

snowy escape expansion pack

Snowboarding in Switzerland could be an entirely different experience when compared to doing the same in a mountain in Japan.

In a surprise movie, the developers of the Sims 4 have come up with a winter expansion pack. It has aptly been named the Snowy Expansion but draws most of its inspiration from the Japanese culture which is sure to deliver a brand new experience for most players.

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After rolling out enough skin tones so as to appease people with a darker skin, the team is back to enthralling us with some exciting new packs. After all, Star Wars Journey to Batuu was more geared towards fans and not all of them would be able to connect to it. The complete expansion packs are often far more engaging and would provide you weeks of gameplay before rumors of a new pack starts floating around. This one definitely seems to be a completely one because we can deduce it based on how expensive this pack is.

A Solid Expansion Pack

Snowy Escape, the expansion pack  is price dat $39.99 and that is very close to a full AAA title that usually costs around $60. However, if you are a big fan of the sims and has played many of the games in the past, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Every time they deliver a massive expansion pack, the pricing will be similar and it offers you lots of new things to do.

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In this particular pack, winter sports is of utmost importance and would allow players to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and you can even climb rocks in your free time. All these things are carried out in the place called Mount Komorebi in Japan and there are other simpler options for the entire family too. You can enjoy eating a hot pot, bath in the hot springs which is famous in Japan and simply go on a hiking trip.

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According to the official blog, the expansion pack brings in lots of Japanese costumes that your sims could fear. It also includes Japanese maple tears and other décor that will match the upcoming winter season. EA has confirmed that this is to allow players to enjoy their sim’s personalities on a deeper level and introduce players to new cultural habitats while they enjoy playing in the snow in the Sims 4. The pack is available on Origin and Steam for PC gamers for now.

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