Get Ready with these Amazing Titles for PS5 Launch Date

Playstation 5

Purchasing the PlayStation 5 console amidst this online store issues and lack of stock is definitely a tough job for most people.

For those of you who have already managed to pre-order the console and waiting for it gets delivered next month, here are some of the most addictive titles that you should purchase on day one.

After all, buying a new gaming console on the launch date is just half the battle. Having the right set of games to play and enjoy will definitely make it much more memorable. Besides, the PS5 also gets launched right in the month of Thanksgiving so you would have pretty long weekends to check out all the AAA titles that you would purchase. The titles should be varied so that you would have something to play casual and also to immerse yourself in the storyline if you like to.

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Besides, many of these games are optimized for the PlayStation 5 console even though we have very little information with regards to the same. Some are officially confirmed such as Devil May Cry 5 but some titles are simply getting launched with very little word on if they are optimized for 4K 60 FPS gaming on your brand new console. Besides, you also require a television that could deliver UHD resolutions to make the most out of your purchase.

Call of Duty Cold war Zombies

Must-Have Title for Everyone

Spiderman Miles Morales is the must-have game that you should never skip on the PS5 console. After all, it is a continuation of the current Spiderman game on a PS4 console. It has also been reworked so as to provide you much better graphics made possible by the next generation chipset and the super-fast SSDs used on the console.

For Strategy Fans

Planet Coaster Console edition is a game made for PCs but you could actually run your own theme park and enjoy it on the PlayStation 5 console. It wouldn’t make much of a difference once you get used to the controls.

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Sports and Racing Lovers

Everyone who loves racing games can simply go for Dirt 5 and there is NBA 2K21 if you are already an NBA fan. Either way, the graphics are impeccable and they would bring in some great loading times so that you can switch between your Spiderman game and this one, whenever you like to without any waiting times.

Third-Party AAA Titles

The best part about owning the PlayStation 5 console is you will get the best exclusives and third-party titles too. Watch Dogs Legion, DMC 5 and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War are some of the amazing 3rd games. Pick your choice and you are set for the entire holidays this year.

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