The Sims 4: The Everyday Clutter Kit Offers New Customization Options To Players


The arrival of The Sims 2 gave players the opportunity to expand their custom content library significantly.

Now, The Sims 4 has brought in new customization opportunities for players with a brand new kit that has been dedicated to doodads and nicknacks.

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For many players, The Everyday Kit has become the most exciting component of the building process. It has enabled simmers to add several interesting elements to their builds. Whatever one knows about the kit so far is because of the screenshots that have been shared online. However, despite limited information about the pack, players are quite excited about it. Though the screenshots have showcased random objects, players have been able to gauge what they should be expecting from this kit.

Players will be offered several clutter items that will help add several layers to the personalities of the sims. Apart from several jewelry stands and makeup items, one can see a bunch of fitness-based products like a yoga mat and dumbbells in the screenshots. Those who are fans of chess were happy to see a chess set being up for display. For the creative players, there is a graphic tablet. Clutter can turn a lifeless-looking build into something that looks very vibrant and attractive. For a long time, players had been requesting extra clutter and now, their wish has been fulfilled.

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Player should also look forward to another promising kit in the form of the Pastel Pop Kit. This particular kit has been put together in partnership with Sims YouTuberPlumbella.This particular kit features soft pastels and patterns that take you to the ‘70s and ‘80s. This kit is in sync with the kind of style or design aesthetics Plumbella is known for. For a long time, the YouTuber has been one of the most prominent creators in the Sims community.

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