The Sims 4: The Free-To-Play Version of the Game Gives You the Opportunity To Win Free Goodies

Sims 4

A while back, Electronic Arts surprised the fans of the Sims franchise by making the announcement that The Sims 4 will be a free-to-play game now.

Through the official news page of The Sims 4, the publisher announced that the game will be available for free from 18 October 2022. This led many players to regret the fact that they had bought the game. Those who bought the game recently must have cursed their decision and wished they had waited for a while and got the game for free.

However, Electronic Arts has made sure that even the ones who have paid a certain amount and bought the game should get some benefit now. If you are an existing player, you have the opportunity to win a bunch of goodies.

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To thank the loyal fans of the game, EA is offering the Desert Luxe Kit for free to anybody who purchased The Sims 4 on or before October 17. This particular kit comprises of multiple desert-themed items like furniture, curtains, sofas, lounge sets, floor tiles, and lamps. This kit would prove to be of great use to those who plan to build an outdoor or indoor lounge.

To get your free Desert Luxe Kit, you will have to log into the game and go to the main menu to claim it. You must remember that it wouldn’t be available after October 17. If you are a member of EA Play, you will be entitled to receive several other goodies for free.

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EA Play, as one would know, is a monthly subscription service that offers players access to a plethora of EA titles. Some of the most popular games offered by this platform include the Battlefield titles, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and Need for Speed franchise.

There is a lot that one can expect to unfold on October 18 when The Sims 4 finally becomes a free-to-play game. EA Play members will gain access to the Get To Work Expansion Pack. If you have subscribed to the EA Play Pro, you will also receive the Toddler Stuff Pack.

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